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Pro Montage A/S

Pro Montage A / S is a specialist in roof and facade cladding. We have almost 20 years of experience and perform facade cladding, facade renovation, energy renovation, closing contracts and roofing. We make both standard and special solutions and with our subsidiary; Midtjysk Pladebearbejdning we have both the right flexibility and know-how to act quickly and professionally. We carry out contracts within new construction and renovation throughout the country and are headquartered in Sunds outside Herning. With approx. 40 employees and great focus on quality and time, we are the safe choice.

Why Pro Montage

Since 2002, Pro Montage has developed into a solid and experienced player in the market. We are known for trouble-free solutions and have a complaint rate of less than 1%. We handle roof and facade contracts primarily in steel and aluminum for homes, businesses, garages, shops, factory halls, industry, stadiums, etc. and guides our customers in finding the best solution. Our subsidiary Midtjysk Pladebearbejdning ensures that we constantly have the best materials and machines to perform the tasks professionally and in a short time.

The employees - our strongest competence

Our employees are our strongest competence. We take pride in the fact that they thrive and reflect the values ​​of the company. That is why we have a strong focus on training new employees. High quality, good service and satisfied customers must be ensured every time. We have many employees with long seniority and ensure that the staffing of the projects is coordinated in relation to complexity, experience and schedule.

Solid and strong player

Pro Montage became a Gazelle company in 2017 and 2018 and has a AAA credit rating. Our values ​​- credibility, loyalty, respect and high quality are our foundation, which the company is imbued with. We focus on CSR in relation to management, working conditions and risk management.

Our customers

Our customers expect a high standard and it suits us well. We have many direct customers such as Einer Hessel, Bauhaus, Ørbæk Food, Danrise, Ebrofrost Denmark and many more, and we are invited by the contractors to virtually all facade contracts in Denmark.


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Fakta om Pro Montage A/S

Pro Montage A/S
Drejervej 10
7451 Sunds

Herning Kommune

Telefon: +45 97143748

VAT nummer: DK26782643

P nummer: 1009315841

Anställda: 40


Anne Thomsen
Erik Gammelgaard
Yrke: Direktør
Telefon: +45 97143748

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