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Marel Fish - FleXicut Salmon

den 28 april 2022

Automatic salmon pinbone removal, trimming and portioning

  • Increased high-value product ratio
  • X-ray bone detection
  • Precision cutting and superb product handling
  • Small footprint, easy to integrate

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Precision cutting for maximum yield
FleXicut Salmon consistently ensures maximum yield by adjusting the cutting angle according to the precise location of the bones each time, using both water-jet cutters and knives to portion the salmon.

It uses X-ray vision to locate the bones and ensures minimum yield loss by adjusting the water-jet cutting angle to remove bones according to their precise location each time.

Top end-product quality
FleXicut Salmon is designed to ensure the best utilization of each and every fillet. It detects even the very fine end of pinbones and delivers superb product handling for optimum end-product quality.

FleXicut Salmon
Interested in learning more about FleXicut for whitefish processing? Please click here to visit FleXicut for whitefish.

  • A simple user interface makes it quick and easy to change programs
  • Capacity up to 36 fillets per minute


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