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Marel Fish - RoboBatcher Box

den 28 april 2022

Fully automated fish packing to minimize giveaway

  • Minimizes giveaway in fixed-weight boxes
  • Increases yield, efficiency and throughput
  • Significantly reduces the need for labor
  • Optimizes product quality and hygiene

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Fully automated box packing and styling
The RoboBatcher Box packs and styles salmon fillets into polystyrene and cardboard boxes, directly after cutting. It does it according to precise catch-weight or fixed-weight requirements and a predefined styling pattern.

Packing salmon according to grade, into catch-weight boxes
The system uses a unique combination of innovative robotic technology and state-of-the-art batching software, to pack boxes to a specific count. Any pieces that are out of spec can be removed from the stream for further processing, improving quality control and yield.

High-speed robotic processing of multiple jobs
With unmatched speed and accuracy, the system can handle up to 24 boxes simultaneously, with up to 12 different predefined jobs for retail, catering and further processors. It uses a unique packing technology to manage the flow of boxes, streamlining processing and optimizing throughput and efficiency like never before. It fully automates the dispatch process, ensuring that once a box reaches target weight it is immediately conveyed out of the robot and automatically replace by another.

Automation to minimize labor
The system virtually eliminates manual handling from the packing process so you can provide salmon of the highest quality and with optimal hygiene. It has unique grippers specifically designed for gentle product handling, ensuring even the most fragile fish isn’t damaged during packing. It also significantly reduces your reliance on manual labor, making your production process more secure and reliable.


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