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Marel Fish - M360 Labeler

den 28 april 2022

M360 Labeler

  • Standard wraparound labeling
  • Uses linerless labeling
  • Easy to use, fully automated
  • Environmentally friendly labels

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Marel’s new M360 standard wraparound labeler employs the latest technology in flexible linerless labeling. It is designed for premium labeling of all popular tray sizes and is ideally suited for skin packs. Fully automatic, this high-speed labeler can apply standard wraparound linerless labels as well as C-wrap partial wraparound labels and top labels. 

Premium shelf presentation
The M360 offers premium shelf presentation of all pack types since the standard wraparound labels give you plenty of space to communicate essential product information and comply with all food-labeling regulations.

Fixed-weight or catch-weight
The M360 labeler is available as a standalone unit for fixed-weight packs or can be connected to Marel’s weigh price labelers for catch-weight products.

Linerless labels
The M360 uses linerless labels which offer improved efficiencies, volume applications and environmental advantages through the non-utilization of carrier backing paper.


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