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The purpose with baling is to reduce freight costs or to increase the space needed when materials/waste is stored on e.g. landfills.

If the waste is used for burning the baling process combined with a wrapping process will prevent the waste from self ignition when stored.

Wamatech supplies different kinds of balers:

2-Ram Balers:
Can be used for baling almost everything e.g. wood, paper, OCC, waste, tires, cables, PET, hard plastic, foil, cans, non-ferrous, bib-bags etc.

Channel Balers:
Is usually used for PET, paper, OCC, foil, big-bags and other “light” materials. Some can be used for MSW.

Is mainly used for baling waste, wood and white gods directly into a trailer. The Trans-Pak is used for big capacities.

Vertical Balers:
Suitable for OCC, paper, foil, PET and Aluminium cans. The vertical balers are manual operated and suitable for small capacities. They are very often installed in warehouses etc.

Wamatechs has

solutions for handling your waste


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