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Magnetec GmbH

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Founded in 1984, MAGNETEC regards itself as a problem solver, offering high-quality, internationally acclaimed and successful product innovations for trend applications. The medium-sized enterprise also satisfies the increasingly important need for flexibility and speed in product development and subsequent series ramp-up. 90% of the company‘s products are customised by MAGNETEC GmbH – and in many cases MAGNETEC has successfully supplied its customers for many years as a single-source supplier.

No other product on the market meets today’s demands on modern power electronics quite like MAGNETEC’s nanocrystalline tape-wound cores – especially in the numerous new applications ushered in by the new era in electrical energy: smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient and suitable for high-temperature conditions! By using the high-tech material NANOPERM® it is possible to reduce the size and weight of inductive components such as common mode chokes, single-conductor chokes or current transformers by up to 60% compared to conventional solutions based on ferrite materials. In addition to these distinctive, state-of-the-art mechanical qualities, NANOPERM® offers an increased operating temperature range of up to 180°C and highly linear paths for all specific key parameters as well as significantly lower (>50%) high-frequency losses. NANOPERM® is thus predestined for the sophisticated future EMC filters in connection with the next-generation SiC and GaN power semiconductors.

The main areas of application for MAGNETEC’s products are EMC filters for disposal of the inverters for wind energy, photovoltaic, battery accumulators and electric vehicles, as well as personal protection, among other things in the form of innovative "Type B" DC-sensitive residual circuit current breakers for e-car charging infrastructure, and not least high-precision transformers for intelligent energy meters in industrial and household applications including nascent SMART home connectivity. For years, MAGNETEC’s products have been operating reliably in a wide range of facilities and equipment of leading manufacturers of wind turbines, photovoltaic inverters and electric vehicles (BEV and PHEV). Here, they ensure increased general operational safety and availability, an extended service life of the rolling bearings and offer reliable protection against potentially life-threatening insulation faults.

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Dovitech A/S
Blokken 59
3460 Birkerød

Furesø Kommune

Telefon: +45 70252650

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VAT nummer: DK25487397

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